All our stoneware pottery is hand-thrown or slab-built, then decorated and glazed by Rob or Peter and are available in the colours represented below. 

All pieces are first fired to 1000 degrees C then decorated and glazed with a second firing at 1220 degrees C.

Some of our glazes are made in house using a marine clay from the River Carron and local wood ash.

There maybe slight variations between pieces depending on the position in the kiln and the firings, these variations are considered a part of the uniqueness of the pottery and a desirable feature.

To place an order please either use the contact form on this website, email or telephone us.

Attadale White Colour Sample
Display Colour Sample
Blue Number 14 Colour Sample
Jade Number 14 Colour Sample
Blue Dip Colour Sample
Green Dip Colour Sample
Hannah Colour Sample
The 4 mug sizes we produce.
Original Shape 1/2 (225ml) Pint
Childs Mug (7.5cm x 7.5cm)
1/2 (225 ml) Pint Mug
3/4 (325 ml) Pint Mug
1 (575 ml) Pint Mug
Cup 5 fl oz (142 ml) and Saucer
Large Cup 10 fl oz (284 ml) and Saucer
Large Green and Black Cup with Saucer
Standard espresso cups and saucers.
Black & White Coffee Can with saucer
Black & White Espresso Cup with Saucer
3 different sizes of straight jugs
Straight 1 pint (575 ml) jug
Straight 1/2 (225 ml) pint jug
Straight 1/4 (100 ml)pint jug
3 different sizes of round jugs.
Round 1 pint (575 ml) Jug
Round 1/2 (225 ml) pint jug
Round 1/4 (100 ml)pint jug
1/2 Pint (225 ml) Sauce Jug and Saucer
1 Pint (575 ml) Gravy Jug and Saucer
Sugar Bowl
Mustard Pot
Jam Pot and Lid
Honey Pot
Double bowl
Pasta Bowl
Soup Bowl
Pudding Bowl
Casserole Open
Casserole with Lid
Dog Bowl
Egg Cup
Salt Pig
Salt and Pepper_
Toast Rack
Vinegar Bottle
Oil Pourer
Candle Holder
Drainer and Saucer
Soap Dish
Slab built "Arts and Crafts" Mantle Cloc
Slab Built Tall "Art Nouveau" Mantle Clock
Slab Built Mantle Clock
Wall Clocks
Tall Slab built "Four Seasons"Lamp Base
Small Slab built Lamp Base
Slab built Lampbases
Lamp Bases
Selection of Spoons
Fruit Bowls
Butter/Cheese Dish
Condiment tray with pots